Blackhawks Trending Upwards Into Circus Trip?

If you were one of those people clamoring for an ungodly amount of moves to be made before the season started, I hope you’ve gotten your fills. Having slid in just underneath the cap – I’m talking baseball cleat to plate right before being tagged – and rosters set, things were going…well, they’ve been going.

Whether it’s been from a ho-hum *gasp* dare I say, regular feel to the season so far or from the injury bug starting to find its way into the locker room itch powder (a real thing?), the Rockford shuttle is getting a lot of work these days.

Probably driven by Chris Block himself

Probably driven by Chris Block himself

Antti Raanta, for better or worse, has been seeing approximately as much ice as your average Blackhawks fan. In order to get some playing time, the Hawks sent him to the Ice Hogs. That or, he just really wanted to spend 48 hours in Rockford (dibs on band name).

As the line shuffling has surely made you aware, Patrick Sharp is still out with a hurt your guess is as good as mine. Daniel Carcillo returned from injury, you’re welcome, and broadcast/fan favorite Trevor van Riemsdyk probably had his knee or thigh exploded in the game against Dallas and is on LTIR.  That isn’t hyperbole, either. Check out the game footage:


Now, with the defenseman vacancy, Joakim Nordstrom is back being Rockford captain, d-man Stephen Johns is here to fill the gap, and Scott Darling is probably just going to live on the bus.

You know what isn’t an amazing place? Detroit. That place is hot garbage thrown into a blazing dumpster fire. The Blackhawks wanted a piece of that dumpster garbage fire, so they dived in head first and came out with their 4-1 losing effort. <INSERTS BAKERY/TURNOVER JOKE HERE_____>.

It’s a funny and at the same time infuriating thing having the memory of a goddamned insane person. Having watched one of their worst games in recent memory being followed by a 6-2 trouncing of Dallas and you lie to yourself and say “everything is okay now” rubbing your blood soaked hands together. Insane, remember?

Are we just happy with the large goal differential in the win? Are we stupid? That had to of been the first time I’ve ever seen a 6-2 goalie win. The same asinine cross ice passes and turnovers happened against the Stars one game after it cost them in Detroit. The only difference was, the Stars couldn’t capitalize, or Crawford bailed the Hawks out. Right now, this team is 10-7-1 and looks every bit deserving of it heading into the circus trip.


Flames, Oilers, Canucks, Avalanche, Ducks, and Kings. Technically, the Hawks should/could win all of them, but if you want to be a realistic fans program, you need to understand that Calgary is basically playing as well as the Hawks right now. Jonas Hiller, bruh.

Not to mention for some reason, playing in Edmonton really convinces the Hawks they are the Edmonton Oilers and end up getting shellacked. And why is the Avalanche game NOT the last game before returning home? Why fly BACK to California? Who is loading up the air miles on this piece? It’s probably Kris Versteeg.

God damn it, Versteeg.


-Congrats to Pat Foley on his Hall of Fame induction. You can find his greatest highlight…. here

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