Gamblers Phenomynous: Ducks Fly Together

Lock of the WeekChip Kelly arrived at Oregon in 2007 and from the moment he installed his offense, the Ducks have been the most exciting offense to watch in College. Two years after he departed for the NFL, Oregon is still the great show and closing in on their first title.

Since 2009 I have been waiting for the Ducks to win a National Title. In a perfect world they would have toppled Alabama and the mighty SEC when the finally reached the top of the mountain. Urban Meyer will be a close second to my fantasy booking.

Within the confines of the BCS nonsense, this was never possible. Oregon couldn’t avoid a loss at some point during the season and they could never jump into the picture without a clean record. The playoffs changed that and now we finally get to see the Ducks get crowned Champions.

As much as I enjoy the new format, it seems like the title game lost some of it’s luster this year. With just one week between the final four and the Championship, the hype doesn’t seem as great this season. The playoff games were kind of lost in the shuffle on New Years Day.

I feel like we should all be a little bit more excited for tonight’s Championship game. Maybe it’s the fact that Ohio State shocked everyone by getting into the dance and upsetting Alabama, but the hype feels a little flat this year.

Maybe it’s the fact that TCU just abused the one blemish on Alabama’s record in Ole Miss that makes it feel like this tournament needed two more spots. Either way, something is missing. Hyped through the roof or not, this is still our last chance to make money on teenagers throwing around the pigskin and that’s exactly why you clicked.

Oregon vs Ohio State Under 74.5 ( 4 units)

Everyone is predicting 45-41 types of scores and we all know what to do when the public has a feeling on one side. They are usually wrong. The same thing happened the last time Oregon was playing for a title when Auburn squeaked by 22-19. Everyone and their mother was talking shootout and what we got is a sloppy low scoring game.

The lights are shining just a little brighter and these kids are playing just a little tighter. I expect Oregon to dominate between the 20’s and have trouble punching it in the endzone.

Oregon pk/under 80.5 Teaser (2 units)

Truth be told I would be backing Oregon -6 tonight, but considering I am sitting on a Oregon wins it all 8-1 ticket, there is no reason to give points. Oregon is going to win this game, I have made it clear already. The under is going to hit. This tease is a no brainer.


Cardale Jones under 265.5 yards passing ( 1 unit)

We will be sticking with an under theme here. Third string QB playing for a national title? I expect some high and wide throws early. Meyer’s game plan should be to move the ball on the ground and keep Mariota off the field.

Cardale Jones TD’s + INTS over 2.5 ( 1 unit)

I expect a couple turnovers. All we need is one touchdown out of him.

No score first 4 minutes of game ( 1 unit)

I feel like I have made myself clear on what I expect to happen in this game.

Ohio State uses first timeout -120 ( 1 unit)

Degenerate play. Young quarterback or the up tempo offense led by the Heisman winner. Who do you think has to burn through a timeout first?