Matt Carlino Cannot Do Enough To Prevent Another Marquette Loss

matt carlinoMatt Carlino continues to be the most peculiar case of “what is he-what isn’t he” on Marquette’s roster this season.

On Wednesday night the graduate student displayed the range that led to him to being labeled as Jimmer 2.0 several years ago, while he also threw up ill-advised shots on multiple occasions.

For a stretch, Carlino was a one-man wrecking crew as he nailed three after three after three after three. Four straight times the ball found the bottom of the net after being chucked up by Carlino from behind the arc. Then, there were the three possessions that immediately followed that impeccable display of ability.

With Carlino clearly feeling some confidence taking over, he launched a shot that was well beyond the NBA three-point line. Then, he proceeded to dribble aimlessly down the lane and threw up a shot that went in the air only after the shot clock expired. To make matters worse, the next time down the floor Carlino chucked up a shot—while having a hand in his face—that did not even come close to hitting the rim.

Take nothing away from Carlino’s performance against St. John’s. He was the sole reason Marquette stayed in the game as long as they did. His 21 points felt more like 50 as for long stretches in time he was the only one to have any confidence in shooting the basketball. Still, do not disregard the fact that once again Carlino proved that he is inconsistent.

By definition, inconsistency requires one to have stretches in time when a person is good and then other instances where they are bad. Simple enough.
Carlino’s 21 points and four straight threes proved that he is indeed the best player on the team; his costly shots late in games proved that he cannot be relied on for periods of time.

This has become a common occurrence for Carlino. While he has taken responsibility upon himself to carry a very inexperienced team, his confidence transforms into overconfidence very quickly. Just because he is the most reliable player on a below-average team does not mean he has the right to make dumb basketball decisions.

A 60-57 loss in Madison Square Garden, for this year’s team, is not an embarrassing result. What is truly off-putting is the over reliance on Carlino to carry the team on his back every single game; he is just not that consistent of a player to do so successfully all the time.