Blackhawks Overcome All of the Things

09282013 blackhawks hockey 01If you were fed up and had had enough by the midway point of the first period Saturday and chose to turn the Blackhawks off and come back for Game 7, you had better keep that to yourself. What had become trendy for the Nashville Predators soon evolved into nightmarish scenarios for the Blackhawks and their faithful (if nothing less, agitated) fans: The Preds score and they score in bunches.

Before you can catch a breath between slamming a lukewarm domestic, snarf a bite of pizza and call Viktor Stalberg a waste of space, James Neal had buried two goals and we faithful we’re staring down the double barrel of a blowout and a seventh game in HOCKEYTONK.

No. I say no, god damn it. I’ve already posted my “have-had-it-up-to-here-edness” with petty shenanigans of poor defense and lackluster efforts on the power play. There’s no wanting a Game 7 here. And there sure as shit isn’t any not watching Game 6.

Good teams are never out of it. We saw this in the series opener. Great teams I guess can do it twice. Although, great teams shouldn’t be in that position twice. WE ARE A REVOLVING DOOR OF HOW GREAT WE ARE, BLACKHAWKS!!!

Oh boy, how big of a STORYLINE BONER did NBC get when the goalie who replaced the starting goalie got replaced by the old starting goalie and would probably start in goal if there was a Game 7? The director in the production truck loves that type of shit. If he had his way, they’d iso-cam on either Crawford or Darl…#LemontNativeScottDarling and let the actual game play be the pathetic little screen on the Picture-In-Picture. WE’RE NOT HERE TO SHOW YOU SPORTS. WE’RE HERE TO CREATE THE DRAMA.

I hate that. I also hate goalie controversies. Real or fabricated. Especially in the playoffs. The regular season (watch this metaphor, ITS GOING TO SLAY) is a race, k? The playoffs, for all intents and purposes of this kick ass metaphor, is the final lap. During the race, you need a dependable machine, or legs. WE MIGHT BE RUNNING. You need to get to the final lap. Once you’re there, you can’t concern yourself with what car or leg, or, swim stroke you like better. You take the one that’s going to finish the….thing.

Nailed it.

Not to mention, that collectively, we still don’t know what we want as a fanbase. The ones who are closest to 100 per cent right just want the team to win. Others would undoubtedly murder a unicorn if it meant Teuvo Teravainen got to play the rest of the playoffs, just because.

It’s nice to look ahead. I’m not sure if I have a preferred second round opponent (a lie). Minnesota is a nice story because they were two regular season losses away from throwing in all of the towels and having Mike Yeo take them to the laundr-o-mat to get them cleaned and then changing the locks while he was gone. Devan Dubnyk is another nice story if you like the type of story that tells of how a guy left Edmonton and like, is doing pretty okay now. CHAPTER ADDENDUM: GRETZKY, WAYNE

It would also mean that the St. Louis Blues are no longer taking up precious hockey time. That would be nice. It would also lend credence to the idea that “Holy shit, why do these guys suck in the playoffs?” question that has plagued San Jose forever. Who doesn’t love asking that?

In all seriousness though, that was a pretty fun series. A nice little warm up during a rainy April. I like the idea of the Hawks having been tested a few times and having to claw, scratch, and bite the boot off their throats. Regardless the next opponent(s), the intensity only increases.

Can the Blackhawks keep from being their own worst enemy?

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