Enough Of Your Shenanigans, Blackhawks

Photo Credit: bitwallpaper.net

Photo Credit: bitwallpaper.net

Personally, I don’t know what to believe anymore. If you’ve been reading my swag-filled articles for the past three years or so, you’d know that I’m a staunch Corey Crawford supporter and have attempted to lay waste to anyone who inappropriately denigrates his efforts between the pipes.

True story – I stopped watching hockey games with/hanging out with a buddy because all he did was piss and moan everything Crawford. It was like hanging out with Twitter in real life. Nobody should be subjected to that. Unless some of you cool @’s want to meet up and not murder each other. Then I’d be down for whatever.

Are people even sure about what they’re mad at? Are people actually mad?

I’m not going to waste people’s time by saying Crawford hasn’t been playing poorly. That was, in fact, a crooked “6” on the scoreboard at the end of Game 2. By the time the Nashville Predators had put No. 5 past him, I think we all were well aware that as a team, there was nothing left in the ol’ juice jug.

So, yes. Scott Darl – ahem – #LemontNativeScottDarling should start Game 3. But, is this a controversy? I don’t think you can have the adage of “Riding the hot hand” and have a goalie controversy at the same time. It’s one or the other. Either you’ve made your decision .… or you haven’t and are waiting to see who succeeds and who becomes Cristobal Huet.

Coming back to Chicago tied at a game a piece is not EAT THE CYANIDE conditions. However, if you’re so inclined, make sure you admit to all the reasons the Hawks aren’t up 2-0. Not just the convenient short answer of “daaaa-our goaler sux.”

Inept power play & too many stupid penalties.

Congratulations. You scored two power play goals in the first game. Twice out of six, mind you. Then, the encore was to not score anything on three more chances in Game 2. Weren’t exactly failing gracefully either.

“Ref you suck” chants are for losers. Don’t be a loser. The refs don’t make Andrew Shaw do odd things. They also don’t call obvious boarding penalties against Joakim Nordstrom on Shea Weber or award a penalty shot because of a Duncan Keith takedown, either.


You should be surprised that the way the Hawks are playing now is eerily similar to the type of efforts they gave in the final four games of the regular season. We all knew watching those games that 60 minutes of that wouldn’t make it very far in the playoffs.

Why are we so shocked/hurt/surprised then? The only real difference is Patrick Kane is back on the ice and he’s practically picked up where he left off. Everything else is the same. Roszival makes us question the existence of Satan. Versteeg over skates a pass, or, other hilarious Versteeg things. Teravainen skates so hard he loses balance and then regains it immediately and still somehow can’t quite figure out this NHL thing. Bryan Bickell is late to his own reservation and Kimmo Timonen is a ghost. We did get Antoine Vermette in a trade, right?

I’m seeing – and feeling – similarities between this year and the Quarterfinal versus Phoenix. it looks very… disinterested.

There’s still confidence the Blackhawks can turn it up and around on home ice. However, you can only say “it’s still early” for so long before you’re left wondering where the time went.

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