Midway Madness 2015 MLB Predictions

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The day has come.

Opening day is here and both sides of town are beaming with optimism for the first time in what seems like eternity. Cubs fans have images of the kids coming up and all clicking together to jump start the Epstein/Hoyer era one year ahead of schedule while Sox fans are enjoying Rick  Hahn’s offseason spending spree.

The optimism translated to our staff with five writers picking the White Sox to go to the playoffs with three picking a Central Division title. Two Cubs believers feel like they get enough to make the wild card playoff.

As is tradition we have a majority favorite to win it all which has been deemed the Midway kiss of death. Sorry Washington, but Stephen Strasburg’s arm is going to fall off and Bryce Harper is never going to reach his potential. We picked the Nationals to win it all and this is just how it works here at Midway Madness.

Kris Bryant was nearly a clean sweep to bring home Rookie of the Year hardware while Jose Abreu split the MVP vote with Mike Trout.

Save this in your favorites, be sure to mock us in October or leave your own predictions in the comments. Happy Opening Day!

AL East AL Central AL West AL Wild Cards
Jamie Bradley Orioles Tigers Mariners Indians, Angels
Nick Kapetan Blue Jays Tigers Mariners White Sox, Red Sox
Nick Lebanca Red Sox White Sox Angels Indians, Athletics
Mike Rankin Red Sox Indians Angels Mariners, Royals
Jeremy Ratajczyk Red Sox Royals Mariners White Sox, Angels
Mackinley Salk Red Sox White Sox Angels Orioles, Tigers
Patrick Sheehan Red Sox White Sox Angels Indians, Mariners
NL East NL Central NL West NL Wild Cards
Jamie Bradley Nationals Pirates Dodgers Cubs, Padres
Nick Kapetan Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates, Marlins
Nick Lebanca Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates, Marlins
Mike Rankin Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates, Marlins
Jeremy Ratajczyk Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates, Mets
Mackinley Salk Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Cubs, Padres
Patrick Sheehan Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Marlins, Padres
AL Champion NL Champion WS Champion
Jamie Bradley Mariners Nationals Nationals
Nick Kapetan Blue Jays Nationals Nationals
Nick Lebanca Angels Nationals Nationals
Mike Rankin Red Sox Cardinals Cardinals
Jeremy Ratajczyk Mariners Nationals Mariners
Mackinley Salk Angels Cardinals Angels
Patrick Sheehan Angels Nationals Nationals
AL MVP AL Cy Young AL ROY AL Comeback
Jamie Bradley Mike Trout Felix Hernandez Rusney Castillo Derek Holland
Nick Kapetan Mike Trout Chris Sale Francisco Lindor Prince Fielder
Nick Lebanca Jose Abreu Chris Sale Rusney Castillo Chris Davis
Mike Rankin Mike Trout Felix Hernandez Francisco Lindor Josh Hamilton
Jeremy Ratajczyk Robinson Cano Chris Sale Rusney Castillo Josh Hamilton
Mackinley Salk Jose Abreu Masahiro Tanaka Francisco Lindor Masahiro Tanaka
Patrick Sheehan Jose Abreu Felix Hernandez Carlos Rodon Prince Fielder
NL MVP NL CY Young NL ROY NL Comeback
Jamie Bradley Andrew McCutchen Clayton Kershaw Kris Bryant Carlos Gonzalez
Nick Kapetan Andrew McCutchen Madison Bumgarner Jorge Soler Matt Harvey
Nick Lebanca Yasiel Puig Jordan Zimmerman Kris Bryant Curtis Granderson
Mike Rankin Gincarlo Stanton Clayton Kershaw Kris Bryant Matt Harvey
Jeremy Ratajczyk Paul Goldschmidt Clayton Kershaw Kris Bryant Matt Harvey
Mackinley Salk Paul Goldschmidt Clayton Kershaw Kris Bryant Jay Bruce
Patrick Sheehan Gincarlo Stanton Max Scherzer Kris Bryant Carlos Gonzalez
Surprising Team Disappointing Team AL Breakout NL Breakout
Jamie Bradley Marlins Royals Daniel Norris Jorge Soler
Nick Kapetan Indians Giants Avisail Garcia Gregory Polanco
Nick Lebanca Marlins Tigers Avisail Garcia Joe Panik
Mike Rankin Cubs Padres Kyle Seager Matt Harvey
Jeremy Ratajczyk Mets Tigers Mike Zunino Wil Myers
Mackinley Salk Cubs Royals Avisail Garcia Kyle Hendricks
Patrick Sheehan Marlins Pirates Trevor Bauer Bryce Harper