Ratliff Meltdown, Week 8 Preview

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It has been an interesting week for the Chicago Bears — to say the least.

The big news out of Hallas Hall this week was, of course, the bizarre series of events that led to the Bears releasing 4-time Pro-Bowl defensive lineman Jeremiah Ratliff.

Ratliff was reportedly drunk and claimed to be the devil while making multiple death threats at team headquarters, per a report released by the Lake Forest Police Department.

Allegedly, Ratliff was sent home on the morning of October 21, because “He was in no condition to work that morning.”

The Bears decided to cut Ratliff after the strange incident, and when Ratliff heard the news of his release he returned to Halas Halls, angry, and said he needed to get his things. While there he said, “He felt like killing everybody in the building.”

After Ratliff left the second time, a member of the Bears’ staff called the Lake Forest police and requested a police officer be dispatched to Halas Hall because team officials feared Ratliff would return and they believed he owned multiple firearms.

Ratliff did indeed return a third time, saying he needed to retrieve his cell phone. Upon his third return, he behaved even more erratically, saying, “I am the devil,” and that he “wished staff members children would die.”

No charges were filed and the Bears seem to have moved on from the Ratliff drama.

The Bears have a match up against their rivals from the north, the Minnesota Vikings, this weekend at Soldier Field. The Vikings are a young team that is really coming into their own. Teddy Bridgewater will most likely never be a superstar quarterback, but he is talented enough to be a franchise quarterback. Adrian Peterson is still one of the best running backs in the game. And their defense is only giving up 17 points a game. The Bears, on the other hand, have the second worst defense in the league – giving up nearly 30 points a game.

The Bears are coming into their own, as well. But they aren’t as talented as the Vikings and it’s very unlikely they win the game on Sunday. Cutler and Jeffery are really starting to gel. So don’t be surprised if they have another good game together, but it likely won’t be enough for the Bears to walk away with the W.


Vikings win 30-14. Bears drop to 2-5.