If Patrick Kane Continues On, Another Discussion Looms

Patrick KaneDid I ever tell you that I have a crystal ball? It’s true. Not in any particular sense that would suggest I have foresight, clairvoyance, ESP, or even an actual ball made of crystal. No. What I do have, and tend to pride myself too much on, is an understanding of how public perception, hive-mind, and media all work in tandem of one another and create the giant bubble of ass we sometimes are consumed by.

For those who don’t know me, Hi. My name is Brennan Barry and I sometimes write things about sports things. I also make wild connections off tangents and even believe that one conspiracy theory about Paul McCartney. Yep. That’s the one.

Remember this past offseason (NHL, by the way. Click out if you’re after UFC sports, bruh)? Without going into too much detail, Patrick Kane had a worse offseason than any one of us can pretend to know or even understand. While he was living it, here we all were. Either for, or against. Just, doing what we do. Talking shit. Some were more upfront about shit talkin’. Others climbed up on top of whatever milk crate they could find and voiced their personal stories in order to bring some sort of….understanding? No. That’s not it. Oh, I remember now. Some people used it to get themselves in the spotlight and gain twitter fame.

Good times. I hope you’re prepared to have that discussion all over again.

To say the offseason noise hasn’t affected Kane on the ice is an understatement. As of this writing, he just extended his point streak to 20 games in a loss to the Minnesota Wild. Currently, he’s 1st in points with 38, amassing 23 assists (1st), and 15 goals (2nd). He’s also 1st in power play and 2nd in game winning goals.

Having already secured the longest streak for an American born player, he looks to tie the team record of 21 games set by Bobby Hull. Kane can do so in Ottawa next game versus the Senators.

If Kane keeps this level of play going all season, albeit not a streak – just stellar play, pretty soon the noise will begin about which shiny objects he may or may not take home. With that, will inevitably come the question “But, does he deserve to, based on the allegations brought against him?”

Don’t get me wrong. It will most certainly be idiots asking this question. Complete morons who have no understanding (and didn’t the first time) about the due process under the law. Nor do they understand what it means when a District Attorney basically comes right out and says the case was rife with absurdity.

But, what professional league other than the NFL likes negative press about its athletes? It’s interesting that some “insiders” of the NHL have already begun to offer these “shrugs” about worthiness as almost an aside so they can go back and quote themselves as “calling it” later on down the road.

Also interesting, this is the last statement from the NHL on the issue from a November 5th news release shortly after the case was determined not to continue, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said:

In light of the statement issued today by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, as an internal League matter, we intend to promptly review the information that may now be available to us. We will have no further comment until we have completed that review.

Since that time, there has been zero mention of any investigation. No leaks, not even a whisper that the league found something they would take issue with. Would they really roll back on themselves having found nothing and then come Awards Time withhold from Kane even if he deserved it?

Absolutely they would.

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