Sox Keep Skidding

Robin VenturaThe Chicago White Sox must be the most hapless organization of all Major League Baseball. This holds true from the front office all the way down to the coaches, players and even the fan base. The depression is starting to settle in.

The despair and hopelessness as well. I find myself looking over to the Northside, where many of my friends and acquaintances are at right now. I haven’t had much to truly envy from them in the past 15 years or so, but right now, I’m definitely envious of the party they have going on up there. The Chicago Cubs are playing absolutely fantastic baseball. We got that for about a month on the Southside. Now everything has fallen completely flat. And the answer, apparently, is… Justin Morneau? Maybe it’s time to blow this thing up after all.

I don’t necessarily mean to call anyone out, but I guess I am. It’s only the middle of June and already I’ve totally lost patience with this White Sox team. I’ll still consider myself a glass half full guy for right now, because I do think this team has some excellent talent. However, it’s quickly becoming apparent which team we actually have, because in case you were wondering, there are two teams on the Southside this year.

One is Mr. Hyde, the other Dr. Jekyll. The Dr. Jekyll team is the one we have now. The one that continues to lose over and over, especially against the Central Division. Just this past weekend, the Sox dropped two of three to the Kansas City Royals. Things looked promising when the Sox took the opener of the series on Friday, but once again pitcher Jose Quintana was screwed out of a win when he pitched a pretty fantastic game with 10 strikeouts. So instead of gaining ground in the division, the Sox dropped to fourth place in the division and now carry a sub-.500 record again at 31-32. The sad part is, they’re still only four and a half games out of first place.

I can’t fault general manager Rick Hahn for trying to shake things up a bit. The James Shields acquisition could still pay dividends. Then Tim Anderson was finally called up. But Justin Morneau? For whatever reason, the Sox have been built on winning “now” ever since I can remember. The only time we really got close to a rebuild was when Hahn wanted to do his “reshaping” a season or two ago. This isn’t exactly a call for a rebuild, but apparently just because one makes a change doesn’t mean it’s going to pay off.

The disappointment is getting old, and with what appears to be a fairly solid draft class, maybe the Sox need to spend more time on building that up, and really focus on future pieces as opposed to “now” pieces. A few years ago, I really thought the Sox would be contending for a World Series this season, if not 2017. In April of this year, I thought I was vindicated. But as I said, this team has turned into Jekyll and Hyde. I don’t know which team is the real team anymore, and I have a feeling the Sox don’t either. Jekyll has played about as long as Hyde played for now. Will the ugly team continue to be out there the rest of the month?

This is really where the Sox’s season lies, in these next few series, all against division foes. They’ve already lost to the Royals. The Sox need, absolutely need, to save face against the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers by winning these series. Anything less will cause my half-full outlook to go basically down the drain. And if that does happen, some changes will need to be made, and not just those on the field. If one shake up doesn’t work, perhaps one of a different kind will.