Q & A with Brian Urlacher

Photo by: Eric Burgher

Photo by: Eric Burgher

Former Chicago Bears’ linebacker Brian Urlacher was on hand at the 17th Annual Chicago Polar Plunge Sunday at North Avenue beach, benefiting Special Olympics Chicago. Urlacher met with fans, served up some brats for Johnsonville and answered a few questions on the Bears’ outlook, being at Cubs’ spring training and what he misses most about football.

On the event:

“I’ve always known about the Polar Plunge, but I’ve never been a part of it. I came out with Johnsonville to serve brats to everyone on the 65-foot grill, the biggest grill in the world. This is an exciting deal and it’s for a great cause. The Special Olympics is a great thing and something near and dear to my heart. I have been doing stuff for the Special Olympics my whole career when I played and a little bit after as well.”

On how the Bears bounce back from their 3-13 record last season:

“That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that question. I felt like their defense played better as the season went on. They had so many injuries earlier in the season to their defensive line and their safeties and corners. And they had a lot of young guys play, which is going to help them this year, I think. But they’re going to be better. They’ve got a couple big holes seal up on offense but Coach Fox has won everywhere he’s been.”

On what the Bears will do on draft day:

“It’s hard to say. Free agency is coming up, they’ll probably spend a lot of money in free agency, I’m assuming. Hopefully [they’ll] get the best player. There’s a lot of [defensive] linemen in this draft. Offensive linemen are always good picks that high as well.”

On being at the Cubs’ spring training in Arizona:

“It was great, the fans are crazy after what happened last year and they have the whole team basically coming back. They didn’t really lose anybody. They lost Dexter Fowler, he’s a pretty good player. But they’re excited, the fans are nuts. My kids were excited to be out there. They got a chance to meet all the guys they watch on TV, so it was cool.”

On what he misses the most about playing:

“I miss my teammates. I miss hanging out with the guys. You go to work 10 hours a day [and] you screw around with your best friends all day, so I miss doing that and just the screw-around time with everybody.”

On what it would take to get him to do the plunge:

 “Uhh…yeah I’m not going to get in the water today. That’s what it would take.”