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At GameZoneX, our mission is to provide gamers with an unmatched platform to fuel their passion and dive into the ever-evolving world of gaming. Our vision is to be the ultimate destination for gamers, enabling them to explore, connect, and improve their gaming experience.


GameZoneX was established in 2012 by the visionary entrepreneur Kenneth Franklin. With a deep love for gaming and a strong conviction that gaming could bring people together, Kenneth set out to create a virtual space where gamers could come together, exchange ideas, and stay informed about the latest in the gaming industry.

Kenneth Franklin – Founder

As the driving force behind GameZoneX, Kenneth Franklin’s background in the gaming industry spans over two decades. He began his journey as a dedicated gamer, which gradually developed into a profound passion for gaming technologies and trends. Drawing on his expertise in business management and his intensive gaming knowledge, Kenneth founded GameZoneX with the aim of delivering comprehensive gaming content to enthusiastic gamers worldwide.

Why GameZoneX?

GameZoneX was created to fill a significant void in the gaming community. Acknowledging the scarcity of a centralized platform catering to all gaming needs, Kenneth and the team believed there was an opportunity to create a unique website designed specifically for gamers worldwide.

Our Objectives

  • Inform: We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date news, reviews, and insights into the gaming world. Our team of experienced editors diligently researches, verifies, and curates contents that are reliable and informative.
  • Connect: GameZoneX fosters a thriving community where gamers can exchange ideas, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals. We aim to build a platform that promotes collaboration, friendly competition, and lasting friendships within the gaming community.
  • Improve: Learning and improvement are at the foundation of GameZoneX. We aim to help gamers enhance their skills through tutorials, strategies, and expert advice. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer, our platform is designed to assist you in honing your abilities and reaching new heights.

Target Audience

GameZoneX caters to gamers of all ages and skill levels. From casual gamers to competitive eSport enthusiasts, we aim to engage with anyone who has an insatiable passion for gaming.

Unique Value

  • Comprehensive Content: GameZoneX covers extensive topics across the gaming industry, leaving no aspect untouched. From game reviews and feature articles to emerging trends, we strive to deliver authentic and engaging content that keeps our readers well-informed and entertained.
  • Experienced Team: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced editors, writers, and gamers. With their unwavering dedication and deep understanding of the gaming world, they ensure that each piece of content published on our website meets the highest standards.
  • A Vibrant Community: GameZoneX thrives on the interactions and connections made within our community. We encourage gamers to actively participate in forums, comment sections, and multiplayer groups to create a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging space.

At GameZoneX, we are committed to transforming the gaming experience and paving the way for an increasingly connected gaming world. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock endless possibilities!

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